Subscription Pricing

User accounts with unlimited organization memberships are free!

Beginner Personal Business
Free $5/month $95/month $495/month $9,995/month
Data I/O /Month 5 MBs 20 MBs 200 MBs 1 GB unlimited
Data I/O Overages /Month Blocked $0.50/MB $0.40/MB $0.30/MB $0.00/MB
File Storage /Month None $1.00/GB $1.00/GB $1.00/GB $0.00/GB
Organizations 1 4 40 unlimited unlimited
Users per Organization 2 10 75 unlimited unlimited
SMS Notifications 0 25 1,000 5,000 unlimited
Email Notifications 1,000 2,500 10,000 50,000 unlimited
Unlimited non-File Data Storage
Data Analytics
Event Detection & Notifications
Dashboard Designer
Full API Accessibility
Content Access Security

Brand as Your Own

Advanced Modeling


Additional SMS is $0.03 each.
Additional Email is $0.0003 each.

Custom Plans available.
On premise cluster licenses available.
VAR program available.
Member of a School or University? Ask us about our educational pricing.

Only the designated Payers of GroveStreams organizations will be billed.

Subscription Pricing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with examples.