Industry Solutions

Whatever industry you work in, the GroveStreams Data Analytics Platform can provide you with the building blocks and tools you need to create solutions tailored to your customers' needs. Visit our Developers page for a list of examples.

Model time-of-use block rates for multiple locations. Precisely monitor energy usage across thousands of meters/sub-meters for apartment-level energy billing. Alert when energy usage exceeds predetermined levels and take action to reduce energy usage. Monitor water flow in remote or hard to access locations (apartments) to check for costly leakages or excess flow. Monitor propane tank levels for rural and route shipments accordingly.

Track assets across the globe. Receive alerts when fixed assets are moved. Track movements of packages and rolling stock. Track temperature, humidity, and g-forces for critical shipments and alert based on out-of-spec conditions. Prepare maintenance punchlists and schedule service based on engine performance.

Allow Doctors, Patients, and other caregivers access to timely data on patient health. Send alerts based on critical health indicators. Monitor Medical device performance and send alerts based on out of spec conditions. Improve supply chain performance by monitoring usage of consumables at patient locations. Send text or update monitoring parameters based on patient data.

Mobile Apps
Use GroveStreams to collect and analyze data coming from consumer and business applications built for mobile devices. GroveStreams can scale to meet the demand of millions of Streams.

Monitor door openings and closings or movement at remote locations. Monitor employee arrival and departure times. Send alerts when activities occur outside of normal operating hours. Connect video server links to GroveStreams and send with alert. Monitor temperature and water leakage in vacation homes or snowbird homes. Arm, Disarm, or Reset system remotely.

Monitor your company's or your clients' HVAC system in order to detect temperature changes or changes in operating parameters that indicate a problem. Automatically alert nearest available technician to investigate problem. Monitor and mix usage profile with the energy cost structure in order to accurately predict energy costs and to identify time periods where conservation would be most useful. Monitor valuable components to prevent theft. Change temperature or other settings remotely.

There are dozens of sensors used in Agriculture today. Use your gateway to send weather data, soil moisture, irrigation equipment status, yields, and other crop-based information in order to make correct economic decisions for the farm. Also use GroveStreams to monitor animal health and welfare in the barn environment by monitoring and alerting on temperature, humidity, water usage/availability, feed usage/availability, air flow, CO, NH3, H2S, and other toxic gas concentrations. Tie your feed usage into the local grain elevator for automatic feed ordering and delivery scheduling.