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There is only one table today and that is the STREAM table.

cname Component name. String
cuid Component UID. String
cid Component ID. String
ccreatedDate Component creation date. Long
ctemplateUid Component Template UID. String
folderPath Component repository folder path. Example: /Components/West. String
name Stream name. String
uid Stream UID. String
id Stream ID. String
description Stream description. String
timeZoneId The Time Zone Id. List of Time Zones String
unitUid Unit UID. String
streamType Stream type: intvl_stream, rdm_stream, point_stream. String
derivationType Stream derivation type: NONE, FROM_EXPRESSION, FROM_RSS, FROM_AGGREGATION. String
baseCycleUid Stream base cycle UID. String
rollupCalendarUid Stream rollup calendar UID. String
timeFilterUid Stream time filter UID. String
defaultRollupMethod Stream default rollup method. String
sampleValueType Stream sample value type. String
startDate Stream's earliest sample datetime as epoch milliseconds. The first interval's start datetime for intervals streams. Long
endDate Stream's latest sample datetime as epoch milliseconds.. The last interval's end datetime for intervals streams. Long
completedDate Stream completed date as epoch milliseconds. This usually matches a stream's endDate unless it is a derived stream and it has dependents with cycles smaller than its base cycle. The completed date tracks the datetime the stream was derived up to. Long
lastUpdated The datetime any stream sample was added, updated, or deleted. Long
lastValue Stream's latest sample value Varies
lastValueType Stream's latest sample's value type: Double, Long, String, Boolean, BigDecimal. String
sample Stream sample value. Varies
time Stream sample datetime as epoch milliseconds. Will be the interval end datetime for interval streams. Long
timeSd Stream interval sample start datetime as epoch milliseconds. Long
timeEd Stream interval sample end datetime as epoch milliseconds. Long

About the STREAM Table

GroveStreams stores production stream data in three columnar tables: Component, Stream, and Sample tables

Querying for data in three tables can be difficult for SQL novices as it would involve a lot of joins. We have created one table to simplify queries called the STREAM table. It has all three table's information contained within it.

The STREAM table is created just for GS SQL queries and is automatically updated as information changes in the production tables. The sample and sample time columns are not actually stored in the STREAM table but are the actual production sample tables. The GS SQL engine will automatically modify query statements injecting an inner join with the sample table so that you don't have to.

This design has many benefits, but has a couple of quirks:
1. Error messages may refer to the sample table
2. The data in the stream table is not replicated for each sample, but only for each stream. For example, a query for all individual component names, such as "SELECT cname FROM Stream", will return the same component name for each of its streams. It will not return a component name for each sample belonging to the component's streams.

Tip: Add DISTINCT to eliminate duplicate component names: "SELECT DISTINCT cname FROM Stream"